Top Experimental Retail Trends for Physical Stores

  • Digital Retail: In Direct-to-Consumer concepts, the retailer entices customers to enter their contact information or download the brand’s application for personalized offers
  • Store Experience: Retailers moved away from a product-only sales model. The goal is a fun (gamification), effective (service), and engaging (technology) store environment
  • Customer Research: Probably the most important trend is using the physical store as the frontline research center
  • The aim of digital displays is to “hook” the visitor and make them crave the retail experience as soon as they enter the store. The creation of innovative and exciting content will also forge an emotional bond that can result in long lasting brand loyalty.
  • Obviously, the strategic placement of screens is of huge importance. This is where really good interior design professionals will show their mettle. They know how the customer journey takes place and they know how to shape it up. As a result, designers will choose a placement that is going to have the most noticeable impact.

Something as simple as touchscreens can contribute a lot to keeping customers a longer time in the store. While the selection of the right technology is obviously key, the quality of the content is also going to be important

3D renderings of products or even ways in which the products can be utilized aren’t just decorative panels in the store. They also carry a lot of key information and they allow for presentations that will be impossible in any other way.